Reasil ® technology

Innovative product line to increase farm profitability

Dry feed material
Liquid feed material
Litter conditioner
Removal of antibiotic residues
Protection of the liver and gastrointestinal tract
Feed conversion rate reduction
Ammonia emission reduction
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Our advantages
Reasil HumicVet
is integrated into the following systems:
Reasil Humic Health
Reasil HumiClean
Feed material
1.5 - 4.5 kg / ton of feed, depending on the type of animal
Feed material
25-80 ml / 100 l of water depending on the type of animal
Litter conditioner
100-200 g / m²
over bedding
Spheres of application
Products for poultry feeding and growing
Products for pigs feeding and growing
Products for feeding of fish, crustaceans and other aquaculture objects
Products for cattle feeding and growing
Products for rabbits feeding and growing
Proven efficiency of Reasil feed material

Reasil technology has an effective impact on the productive functions of animals and birds (milk production, egg production, weight gain) by improving the functioning of four body systems: the gastrointestinal tract, liver, reproductive system, immune system.

There are reliable results of Reasil application, confirming the effectiveness of these products for solving a number of tasks: improving health, increasing productivity, meeting the high quality and safety requirements for meat, dairy and egg food prodcts.

Reasil feed materials are unique because they act in several directions simalteniously. They improve the gastrointestinal tract and feed absorption, function as a liver hepatoprotector, remove antibiotic residues from the body, act as an effective entero-sorbent of endotoxins, exotoxins and mycotoxins, strengthen the immune system and protect against stress, improve the performance of the animal's reproductive system.

Reasil helps to ensure competitive livestock, poultry and fish farming in accordance with current legislation and high consumer demand for high-quality and safe products.