Reasil Technology

Reasil ® Technology

Life Force has developed Reasil ® Technology to produce high-quality poultry, livestock, and fish farming products through raising healthy and high-performance animals and birds.

Advantages of Reasil ® Technology:

Improving meat, egg and byproducts production:

  • Increase of live weight gain.
  • Increase of egg and meat production.
  • Improvement of the quality and yield of the carcass, meat and egg quality.
  • Reduced ammonia burns to the lower limbs and pododermatitis cases.
  • Improvement of liver quality and decrease of its utilization rate.

Ensuring poultry health and veterinary safety of products:

  • Elimination of antibiotic residues from poultry body and tissues.
  • Liver protection and decrease of pathological liver conditions.
  • Effective sorption of endo-, exotoxins and mycotoxins.

Improving the litter and microclimate:

  • Reduction of ammonia emissions from the litter.
  • Reduction of ammonia burns to the lower limbs of animals and birds.
  • Decrease or complete removal of pododermatitis cases.
  • Manure quality improvement for further use as compost or organic fertilizer.

Reasil technology includes the use of three drugs:

  • Dry feed material Reasil ® Humic Health
  • Liquid feed material Reasil ® HumicVet
  • Reasil ® HumiClean Bedding
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The use of Reasil ® allows more efficient use of diets and prevention of diseases of poultry and animals, fully realize their genetic potential, and as a consequence to improve the quality characteristics of products.

Reasil ® technology makes it possible to obtain environmentally friendly, safe products, responding to the needs of the modern customer and complying with current legislation.

Try also in your production modern multifunctional Reasil preparations and evaluate in your experience all the benefits of their application!

Active ingredient and its benefits

Humic acids are a powerful immunomodulator, an effective sorbent of toxins and a hepatoprotector.

They have antiviral, anti-iflammatory, antibacterial, antiparasitic properties.
The high eficiency of Reasil® Technology is explained by the impact on the 3 main systems of the bird's body: the gastrointestinal tract, the liver and the reproductive system.

This multifunctional solution contributes to signficant increase in egg, milk and meat production, as well as to higher product quality.
Reasil ® – part of the Life Force big family
Our mission
Reasil ® products are the result of Life Force researches and developments on humic acids application for the health of plants, animals and humans
as a single and indivisible whole.

The mission of Life Force is to contribute to improving the nutrition, health and quality of human life through improving growing and nutrition of plants, animals, poultry and fish.