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Research & Development
Research & Development
Our constant goal is to develop products and technologies suitable for current industry challenges. We are continuously developing and introducing innovations through the work of our R&D center, as well as through cooperation with international universities, laboratories and research organizations.

Our investments in the development of innovative technologies have allowed us to create Reasil ® technology aimed at reduction of withdrawal period for veterinary drug residues from the body of poultry and animals.

This technology is based on the unique action of humic acids, the main active ingredient of Reasil ® products. Due to biological properties and exceptional structure of humic acids they have antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic properties. They act as an effective sorbent and hepatoprotector. This allows faster and more efficiente withdrawal of antibiotics residues from the tissues of poultry and animals, as well as protects the liver and increases production capacity.

Humic acids are also considered as natural immunostimulants, which allow reducing the use of antibiotics while maintaining productivity and improving health and general condition of animals and birds.
For decades, Life Force has made it a priority to produce safe, high-quality products. We demonstrate this commitment to quality not only by confirming the effectiveness of our products with research and laboratory tests, but also with OMRI-certification for organic use on some of our products, as well as through our membership in the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).
Product Certifications and Association Membership
Product Certifications and Association Membership
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