Reasil ® products

Only healthy animals are able to provide stable maximum performance.

Reasil ® technology supports the healthy development and the most complete realization of the production potential of birds and animals.

Reasil ® products contribute to more efficient use of rations and the prevention of animal and poultry diseases, as well as creating favorable housing conditions.

Our products
Reasil Humic Health

Feed material in powder form

Increases the productivity of livestock, poultry and fish. It has immunomodulating and hepatoprotective properties. Acts as an effective enterosorbent of endotoxins, exotoxins and mycotoxins. Removes antibiotics residues from the body and tissues of animals and birds.
Mode of action:
Reasil HumicVet
Normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Maintains the health of farm animals and poultry. Acts as an enterosorbent of toxins in an intestinal tract. Strengthens hepatoprotective function. Acts as a first aid during outbreaks of diseases and unscheduled veterinary events.
Mode of action:

Litter conditioner (improver)

Contributes to maintenance of a clean, safe and healthy environment in poultry houses and animal barns. Reduces ammonia emissions from the litter. Decreases or completely removes the occurrence of pododermatitis.
Mode of action:
Scientific researches and on-farm trials