Reasil HumiClean

Reasil Humic Clean
Reasil Humic Clean
Reasil HumiClean
Reasil ® HumiClean

Litter conditioner (improver)

Mode of action

reasil для птицеводства
reasil для свиноводства

Maintainance of a clean, safe and healthy environment in poultry houses and animal barns. Reduction ammonia emissions from the litter. Decrease or complete removal of pododermatitis.

reasil для КРС


reasil для коневодства
A mixture of humic acids from leonardite and zeolite
Leonardite: 50 %.
Zeolite: 50 %.
Humic substance: 30-40 %.
Humidity: 20-25 %.
Appearance: grey brown powder
reasil для кролиководства
Complies with the Gothenburg Protocol on the sorption of gases affecting the formation of the greenhouse effect. Sorption by more than 25%.
Product is suitable for species:


Reduces emissions of harmful gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and methane from the litter, decreasing the negative impact on the environment.
Improves the ecological and hygienic situation in poultry houses and animal barns and creates more comfortable conditions for keeping animals and birds. Reduces unpleasant odors.
Reduces moisture in the upper layer of the litter.
Reduces the risk of ammonia burns to the lower limbs of animals and birds.
Reduces the risk of occurrence and development of infections caused by microbes and bacteria from the litter in contact with wounds.
Ensures the entry of humic acids into the body from the litter, as a result of which the disease incidence decreases, the body's resistance enhances and productivity increases.
Reduces the population of pathogens, including pathogenic bacteria, protozoa and viruses in the litter.
Ensures accelerated and more efficient composting of droppings and manure with bedding.
Decreases or completely removes the occurrence of pododermatitis.
The use of Reasil ® HumiClean creates more comfortable conditions for animals and birds, thereby accelerating their growth, decreasing morbidity, increasing body resistance, improving hygienic (microclimate) and ecological conditions for farm animals and poultry management.
Provides better manure for further use as compost or organic fertilizer.

Recommendations for application

The product could be applied manually or with the help of a duster (a special device or motorized applicator designed for processing areas by spraying powder) over the litter to cover the entire bedding area. Application rate guideline: 100-200 g per 1 m² of floor space.

Absolutely safe for birds and animals.
The product is universal and suitable for any type of floor, as well as for any composition of the litter.
Acts simultaneously as a litter conditioner (improver) and as a biologically active substance.

Other products

Reasil Humic Health

Feed material in powder form

Increases the productivity of livestock, poultry and fish. It has immunomodulating and hepatoprotective properties. Acts as an effective enterosorbent of endotoxins, exotoxins and mycotoxins. Removes antibiotics residues from the body and tissues of animals and birds.
Mode of action:
Reasil HumicVet
Normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Maintains the health of farm animals and poultry. Acts as an enterosorbent of toxins in an intestinal tract. Strengthens hepatoprotective function. Acts as a first aid during outbreaks of diseases and unscheduled veterinary events.
Mode of action:
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