About us

Life Force − Humic science for healthy life!

Life Force is an international innovative group of companies that includes Research and Development Center for the study of humic acids and several
up-to-date manufacturing enterprises.

We develop and produce feed materials and additives for healthy nutrition of animals, as well as fertilizers and other products for plant & soil based on humic and fulvic acids from leonardite.

Life Force uses science and the power of nature to create scientifically based and cost-effective solutions for animal, poultry and fish farming as well as crops cultivation.

The use of Life Force technologies and products is a solution to the actual problems of agriculture and ecology. Providing competitive livestock, poultry, fish farming and crop production, while caring for the health of people, animals, poultry, soil and plants.

Life Force technologies will help your products meet the high standards of veterinary safety. They will provide optimization of production costs, increase
in profitability and high consumer demand.

Learn more about Life Force at www.lifeforce.pro

We confirm the following principles while developing our products

Human health depends on the high-quality products with high nutritional value, without residues of veterinary drugs, pesticides and antibiotics.
Production of safe products in conditions of intensive livestock & poultry farming cultivation.
The use our technologies contributes to effective livestock and poultry farming.
High efficiency is a guarantee of profitable production of safe livestock, poultry and fish products.

History of the Company

Production of humic and micronutrient fertilizers for plants and soil.
Production of products for the restoration of soil fertility and the improvement of any type of soil.
Reasil® feed materials began to be used in the European Union and other countries of the world.
Reasil® Technology is actively introduced in many large enterprises of Russia.
since 2001
since 2014
since 2017
since 2018